6 Wedding Dress Styles that Flaunt What Nature gave you

Every woman has her own personal style, attitude and dream of what her wedding day will be like. Obviously a big part of the dream is the dreamy wedding dress; whether it’s a ball gown, short and flirty, sexy or boho style, your bridal gown should represent and feel like you, exactly as you are and make you feel like amazing on your wedding day.

We have gathered the most prominent wedding gown styles, designed to bring out your most beautiful feminine features for every style, personality and bride.

If you’ve got them flaunt them

Proud of your girls? Show them off with a charming and sexy sweetheart neckline; accentuating without revealing too much. Cher will be thrilled to accompany you and your gems.

Bring out your Butilicious

It’s all about the mermaid silhouette; fitted and flared in all the right spots and accentuating nature’s blessings.Molly bridal gown has got exactly what you need.

Bring sexy BACK

Rose is the perfect choice for sexy back with its stunning lace cut, going almost all the way down. A silhouette showing off the back, while arms and full-length skirt for an elegant glam, make for an eye-catching bridal gown style for the traditional ceremony and reception.


Toned arms, shoulders and swan-like neck are to be in the center of attention with off the shoulder bridal gown. This style is also the ideal boho chic choice for a bride going for a special a non-traditional look. Dollywould love to accompany you on your special day with its fairy-like and flowing design.

Dreamy with every step

Show off your sexy legs with a beautiful cut or lace skirt. Ideal for reception, wedding pictures and of course if you are interested in showing your sexy side. Adele bridal gown is a magnificent combination of classy and sexy.

Embrace the curvy curves

Let the goddess in you shine through by showing off your feminine curves on your wedding day. Fitted bodice, soft skirt and off the shoulder sleeves, with an elegant lace embracing your curves you are bound to feel, look and walk like a goddess proud of her sexiest curves in our Kathleen bridal gown.

Whether you are going for a sexy, elegant or classic look, always keep in mind that your wedding dress should make a statement of the woman you are. This day, look and events are to be in your heart forever, it is a celebration of love and communion of two hearts and souls, therefore your wedding gown must reflect who you are, as well as the best parts of your figure, nature’s blessings.