Wedding fashion is a $3 billion industry, with social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest playing a huge part in influencing the global bridal market. Thanks in part to this, the Israeli bridal industry has expanded massively over the past few years, becoming a key player in the wedding fashion world. But what is it about Israeli wedding dresses and their designers that have caused this explosion into the market? Well, it’s a combination of 3 things that make Israeli wedding dress designers like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


While in traditional British culture brides should be conservative, there are many who are breaking free of tradition to explore a different side to bridal style. The last few years has seen the rise of the ‘sexy bride’. Now instead of full skirts of lace and tulle with high necked bodices, brides are walking down the aisle in sheer skirts with delicately placed lace showcasing their figures to their fullest.

At first, many buyers and designers thought these new designs were ‘too much’ or ‘too sexy’, but when real world brides started requesting the styles in their droves, they changed their tune. The rise of the sexy bride didn’t come from the fashion industry – it came from brides themselves, who wanted to feel gorgeous and sexy on their wedding day. Pioneering this shift are a number of Israeli wedding dress designers like Riki Dalal, whose unique, sexy and sometimes creations allowed each bride to feel individual and embrace their femininity.


Unlike many traditional dress designers, bridal gowns from Israeli designers embrace the uniqueness of each woman who wears them. The styles are often described as ‘avant-garde’, exuding sexiness and daring, femininity and elegance with plunging necklines, flowing trains and delicate veils. Israeli designers toss away the ‘standard’ dress designs in favour of the daring, the different and the unique.

And that’s exactly what every bride wants, isn’t it? To feel special and unique as she is united with the one she loves. Each one is looking for a dress with the ‘wow’ factor, something to stun and inspire awe in their guests. Gowns from Israeli wedding dress designers have all of the wow factor without all of the pomp and ceremony. Instead they are effortlessly delicate, sensual and sexy – perfect for the modern bride looking for something unique.


Sometimes when you look at the latest bridal collections, you could be forgiven for thinking you were looking at gowns from several seasons ago. In more traditional gowns, the styles don’t change often, which can sometimes leave them feeling out of touch with what’s going on in the outside world. But with Israeli designers like Riki Dalal, their wedding dress fashions follow closely with current fashion trends across the world. Every design is contemporary and up to date, reflecting what’s hot in the fashion industry and popular on the rails. Of course, the collections also feature some gowns with more traditional elements, but when a bride chooses to buy her wedding dress from an Israeli designer, it’s because she wants something contemporary, not classical. A lot of brides wanted to be able to embrace what’s hot and sexy in the world at that moment, and Israeli designers are giving women that choice.

A bride to be is contemplating the most important dress she will ever wear, so it needs to be something exceptional. Dresses by Israeli designers like Riki Dalal give modern brides the option to be bold, daring and embrace their femininity on their wedding day, in a way that used to be simply unavailable to them. Each dress is different, with unique finishing touches guaranteed to make every woman feel special. But don’t just take our word for it, come and visit to find out exactly what makes Riki Dalal dresses so special!