If you’re a blushing bride-to-be trying to plan her perfect wedding day look, you might be torn between two styles for your dress. Do you go for the sexy strapless look or the sophisticated sleeved number that looks so beautiful with your veil? But did you know that you don’t have to choose just one – you can wear both! The dual wedding dress trend has been steadily growing with brides across the UK, helping brides change up their look on their wedding day and feel fabulous all day long. But what exactly is a dual wedding day look, and why would you choose 2 dresses instead of 1?


Essentially, a dual wedding day look is when a bride will change out of her ceremony dress at some point during the day, and into a different gown more appropriate to their reception. While changing your wedding outfit might seem like a recent trend, it actually has its roots in 1930’s America, where brides would change at the end of the reception into their ‘going away dress’ for a grand exit. This was typically a chic, bridal inspired skirt and jacket suit set for practical travelling. In more modern times, bridal designers are creating ‘cutting the cake’ dresses for brides wanting to switch things up during their day. These are often fun, shorter dresses that can be worn when you cut the cake and dance through the end of the reception. A typical cake cutting dress is often less expensive, and can even be something you would consider wearing again! But for brides who can’t decide on their perfect wedding day look, a dual look offers the best of both worlds.


Generally, there are 2 reasons a bride would choose a dual wedding dress look or her wedding day. One is so that they can have the best of both worlds – so they can get married in that big romantic ball gown and feel like a princess, but she can also change into a sophisticated sheath of a shorter, flirty dress for the reception. Of course, there are practical reasons as well. For some brides, the dress they want to walk down the aisle in might have a grand train, heavy beading or some other element that might make it too heavy, awkward or uncomfortable to wear for the whole evening. For brides like this, switching the ceremony gown for something more comfortable to dance the night away in seems like a sensible idea.

In most cases, choosing to wear two dresses means you are paying for two dresses, so it’s important to plan accordingly. But it’s also possible for some dress designers – including Riki Dalal –  to create a two-part dress for you. This style of dress uses the same top section, but allows for a second, detachable skirt section to be added. This way, you can take advantage of the dual dress look, without the hefty price tag it usually comes with. To change dresses, you simply remove the outer skirt (which is usually bigger and more flared), to reveal the slimmer, inner skirt for your reception.

At Riki Dalal, we pride ourselves on helping brides feel stunning and sexy on their wedding day. Our designers can create beautiful bespoke gowns, or alter our existing designs to help you find the dress, or dresses of your dreams. To start your search, just get in touch with us today or book your boutique appointment.