Leather-Like Wedding Dresses: A Crazy New Trend

In the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Viewing Party, Israeli actress Bar Paly shines on the red carpet wearing a beautiful dress from the new Riki Dalal GLAMOUR Collection.

Can you spot what’s special about her dress?

Bar Paly Wearing a Leather-Like Riki Dalal Dress It looks just like a leather dress!


Designing wedding dresses and evening dresses made out of leather is an entirely new trend originating in the fashion industry.

This leather-like fabric combines Lycra and Laser cut Organza fabrics to create a dress that is extra light – In contrast to the heaviness of the leather.

One of the fabric’s primary advantages, especially when used in designing dresses, is it requires little maintenance in comparison to leather, and does not crack or fade easily.

Tina – A Design by Riki Dalal


The dresses radiate delicacy and elegance with all benefits of leather – without using animal products.

This new collection draws attention to the Riki Dalal existing motto of “loving our animals”, and, of course, not supporting the leather industry.

Leather, in its natural state, deteriorates quickly and is damaged by insects, in addition to losing its elastic texture.

Adele – A Design by Riki Dalal


With regular leather, the living tissue is transformed into a durable product using intensive chemical treatment, which includes the use of a long list of toxic substances, including various acids, lead, zinc, sulfur and cyanide.

This process severely pollute the environment, in addition to the pollution caused by the extensive raising of animals.

Buying fabric products or synthetic products instead of leather is therefore an environmentally sound choice, but first and foremost, it is the least that anyone can do to prevent the suffering of animals that are being used to produce such products.

Barbara – A Design by Riki Dalal


The new GLAMOR collection by Riki Dalal, features 3 stunning leather-like based dresses. These are sure to make you look stunning and shine in your wedding day.

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