Throughout the entire wedding planning process, the concept of aesthetic will come up a number of times. You will probably have a theme or look in mind for your day and will try to create everything to match that idea for your perfect wedding day look. For many brides, the bridesmaids’ outfits are a big part of that aesthetic. This is just one of the reasons matching bridesmaids dresses are so common. Another is that they signify their wedding party status on the day and separate them from other wedding guests. But matching bridesmaids gowns can also have some pitfalls, and this month we wanted to share some of those with you.


Symmetry: There is a major reason most couples opt for matching bridesmaids’ dresses and that’s to create bridal party symmetry. Each bridesmaid wearing the same dress creates a certain symmetry with the groom’s side that many find very attractive. It also means that the price for each dress is roughly the same, with no one arguing over what to wear.

Simplicity: for brides craving a minimalistic look, matching bridesmaids are the perfect finishing touch. Mismatched bridesmaid’s dresses tend to create an incomplete picture, drawing the eye’s attention in multiple different directions. But matching dresses create a cohesive look that focuses the attention on the faces and not the dresses.

Traditional: There is still the desire for many women to stay traditional on their big day. In fact, a lot of women tell us that they have had an idea of what their bridesmaids would look like since they were quite young. Some might be unwilling to let go of that ideal, and others might want to simply uphold the tradition of matching bridesmaids and matching groomsman.


Mixed Preferences: Style and body shape are incredibly important when looking for any outfit – let alone one so important. It is highly unlikely you will have a group of bridesmaids with identical body types, so the chances of finding one dress that will look great on all of them are slim to none. By choosing matching dresses, you might be setting yourself up for some tough disagreements among your bridal party.

‘Prop’ Syndrome: There is a tendency for matching bridesmaids to be used as ‘props’ for your wedding day. Matching dresses signify unity, but they also represent uniforms, and cramming several people with different tastes, styles and body shapes into the same dress is essentially just creating a nice background for your day. Your bridesmaids might not mind this – or it might make them miserable and uncomfortable on your special day.

Budget Problems: Of course, choosing one dress for all of your bridesmaids can be risky. If your bridesmaids come from different financial backgrounds, what is affordable for one might be completely out of scope for another. As weddings are already quite expensive for bridesmaids, this can cause real problems. Giving your bridesmaids a general style or colour and allowing them to choose their own dresses means they can pick something within their budget, and not struggle to afford your ideal dress for the day.

Ultimately, brides should try to keep their bridesmaids happy while conforming to the bride’s wishes. For many bridesmaids, the bride’s wishes are paramount, and many will be glad to comply. In fact, many bridesmaids love the concept of matching bridesmaids’ dresses. The difference is whether they have any say in the style and type of dress they will be wearing. For more wedding tips and ideas, or to find your ideal wedding party look, get in touch with us today.