Tattoos and Wedding Dresses

Do you think a tattooed bride breaks the white, virgin image of a wedding?

Well, more and more brides do not.

Tattoos and brides. Yes, we know, you won’t pair those words together in a natural way. But, if we would think about it, we can find that there is a lot of potential in the combination of this two things.

In a world where it is difficult to be a real, unique individual, one of the most common ways to be inimitable is to express your inner thoughts and mind through tattoos. The majority of women who decided to wear tattoos refer to them as accessories.

Riki Dalal’s Stunning Real Brides


Thus, it is no surprise that brides who adorn their bodies with stunning tattoos also want to choose an equally beautiful and unique wedding dress for the most important day of their lives.

A lot of tattooed brides invested a lot of money, time, thought and pain into their body decoration, and don’t intend to hide it on the most important day of their lives.

On the contrary, compared to the ‘ordinary’ brides, they wear much more exposed dresses, because they don’t want to cover too much of the art on their skin.




We believe that wedding gowns should be as exceptional as her bride with no compromise to her wedding style. That’s why designer Riki Dalal has designed gowns to help you look exactly the way you rock and roll.

Choose a dress that shows your body art and

After all, your wedding is about celebrating the two of you, and who you two are as individuals. There are no rules or guidelines you should follow for picking out your dream dress – this is YOUR wedding!  We say, embrace your ink and wear your tattoos as modern accessories.




For those with arm, upper back, or chest tattoos, try a strapless gown. Straps can often cover or interfere with your art so be sure that if you don’t want any obstruction to go this route.

Leg or ankle tattoo? A high slit skirt is just the trick for those with inked legs.



Want a bit of coverage but still with a subtle hint to display your body art? Look for thin straps, open or sheer lace that gives you a bit of coverage but uses cut-outs or levels so you don’t totally hide your tattoos.







Check out these drop-dead gorgeous Riki Dalal and NOYA styles for our inked brides who want to show off their ink!

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Photo Credit: Tiarra Sorte