The Wedding Day: Last Minute Fixes Guide

The Wedding Day: Last Minute Fixes Guide

After months of planning, dreaming and worrying, the Big Day finally arrives and you are simply overwhelmed with excitement. No matter how much you plan everything down to the smallest details, life is full of surprises, also on your wedding day. But, no worries, we have prepared an amazing bride’s guide to last minute fixes, so you could kiss the stress away and feel absolutely fab!

#1 You woke up with a giant zit

First don’t try any new skin products a month before the wedding. If you woke up with a zit or puffy face, it’s best to see a dermatologist, than trying to cover up with tons of makeup.

#2 Your vendor bails on you last minute

A makeup artist or hairdresser unable to at the last minute? It’s not the end of the world, just check with your other vendors, most likely they will be happy to pull some strings and work their magic to recruit help.

#3 Weather is horrible

It is quite rare to witness dramatic weather changes in London or Birmingham, yet extremely warm weather during summer season or pouring rain in the winter can happen and ruin your perfect day unexpectedly. Prior to booking the venue for the ceremony or reception, be sure to check with your venue they are prepared to tackle any weather condition; a proper event tent or available hall for rainy days or super-hot days.

#4 Dress issues

A rip in the dress or zip during the wedding photo shoot is not so rare and happens more often than expected. Pack a sewing kit as part of your emergency kit, just in case there is a misfortune with your dress, the bridesmaid or even your mom’s dresses. Secondly, make sure to choose a wedding dress that fits your actual figure and curves, and we will be more than thrilled to assist and accompany you all the way from fitting to down the aisle.

#5 Melting, broken or mess of a cake

Just like in the movies, one of a bride’s worst nightmares when a wedding cake simply melts or dropped by the vendor, becoming a huge mess. Check with your baker, they are well-prepared to provide extra desserts, have extra decorations to make the cake look as presentable as possible and just as you coordinate the wedding venue with time of year and weather, do the same with picking and planning your wedding cake.

#6 Emergency Kit Essentials Kit

We have listed a bride’s worst nightmares and disasters regarding the wedding day and our last, but not least advice is to always have an emergency kit with you. Baby wipes or Tide stick for spills, needle & thread for a tear, aspirin, bandit and an extra pair of heels for sore feet, super glue for broken bouquets or heels and nail polish for a run in your stockings.

A perfect wedding day begins with the right dress

Riki Dalal and NOYA collections offer a versatile selection of stunning wedding dresses with a perfect fit for any bride around the world. Contact us to meet your perfect gown to complete your perfect Big Day, in our London or Birmingham flagship.