Top 11 Destinations - Wedding Locations

Each and every women carefully planned their wedding day. The fact that they were six years old or they still didn’t have a husband, did not stop them from planning that day.

And what is the first thing to plan on that day? (Right after the husband part)


Will You Find The Perfect Wedding Location?

Whether it is a large hall, a garden, the coastline or even the middle of a forest – All means are valid when it comes to the most important day of your life. That which you’ve planned years in advance.

A wedding can be described as a personal event of commitment that two people want to share with their closed ones. A lot of couples decide to marry in a place far from home, accompanied by a limited number of loved ones.

Although our world is full of exotic, romantic and remote locations, there are 11 destinations that are absolutely the best wedding  locations and spots in the world:


The landscape is rich with history and culture, the hills are full of castles and fortresses. Choose the right part of Ireland, and the view in your wedding will be breathtaking.


One of the most beautiful and romantic regions in Italy. Tuscan landscapes, cities, rich culture combined with the excellent wines produced from the vineyards of the region make it one of the most desirable places to get marry in, in the world.




Barbados offers tropical and exotic climates to the wedding guests, a wide ocean and spectacular beaches to all. Get your sunscreen ready for sunny days and first-class caribbean beach towns.




Paris is considered the most romantic city in the world. The City of Lights invites the newlyweds to marry in a unique and vibrant atmosphere. Many couples visit this vibrant city before getting engaged, and most couples would happily return there.


In Mexico you can experience all worlds – a vibrant city filled with culture and nightlife, ancient cities and abundant history. And of course – The famous Caribbean beaches.


Bermuda is a place full of charm. A destination that is still full of mysteries to many travelers, but the reality goes beyond imagination. Virgin beaches with gorgeous turquoise water and pink sand, impressive views, waterfront hotels and plentiful shops will turn the wedding into a real vacation.


The botanical gardens, the markets, the reserves and the observation points, and the home of one of the most beautiful beach line in the world, the  Seychelles islands have a lot to offer for the soon-to-be-married couple and their loved ones.


Costa Rica offers couples a variety of attractions: starting from extreme activities to trekking in its nature reserves. Costa Rica has beautiful beaches, active volcanoes and of course interesting colorful culture.


South Africa is a destination for couples who love adventures and extraordinary experiences. The nature and sightseeing spots around South Africa are truly incredible. Don’t miss out.


Jamaica allows for a wedding in a pristine landscape, in a remote and authentic area. The weather should be amazing throughout most of the year and the scenery is truly beautiful.


The Hawaiian Islands are full of wedding places. Whether it’s the perfect beaches, the atmosphere of freedom or the romantic vibe  – For these reasons Hawaii is number one on the list of places to get married in.


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