In our last post, we talked all about the different styles of neckline your perfect wedding dress could have. With choices from sweetheart to high and V-necked, there is a style to flatter and excite any bride. But the neckline is only half of your dress. You still have the shape and style of your skirt to decide on. This is usually the element most women have in their head when they arrive in the shop – with the most popular by far in the UK being the puffy ball gown. But when you step into one, you may realise that while you love the idea, it doesn’t look right on. We encourage women to come in with an open mind to trying on all sorts of styles of skirt, because you never know which one you will fall in love with. Not sure what your options are? Read on.


The A line dress is the more popular options over the ball gown, particularly for women who don’t want quite so much volume in their skirt. This type of skirt is narrow at the top and gets gradually wider towards the bottom, creating a fluid A shape. Because this shape of skirt skims over the hips, it minimizes the width and makes the waist seem smaller, leading the eye to the bust. This skirt style works well if you have a dress with a detailed bust, as the shape draws the attention to it instead of down. This is often why you will find A line dresses have very simple, neat skirts and intricate, decorated bodices


The ball gown is the traditional, full length and puffy skirt, often made from several layers of chiffon and tulle to create the volume it needs. This skirt shape is very popular with brides who dream of the fairytale wedding, and they can be designed from a simple, wide base to a volumous puffy meringue style. Because the skirt has so much volume, the gathering makes the waist look much smaller and even the simplest bodices look chic and gorgeous. This style works well on all body shapes and necklines, making it the most versatile skirt shape out there.


A column dress, also known as a straight skirt, is a slim fitting dress with a dead straight shape from neckline to hem. These are often designed in silk or light chiffon so that they flow naturally instead of looking stiff. This style hugs and emphasises your figure, making it a popular choice for slimmer brides. The only downside is the need to invest in a good pair of Spanx or other control bodices in order to create that smooth silhouette, as even the most petite bride risk looking lumpy without it.


A fishtail or mermaid skirt is one of the more unique and eye catching designs. This skirt hugs and follows the shape of the body from the waist before flaring out at the knees. It’s a look often seen on the red carpet and perfect for more glamorous weddings. To pull of this style you need curves, particularly at the hips, and the materials used in this style smooth out lumps and bumps to create a beautiful shape. This style is also popular with taller brides, as it only looks more elegant with height.


Finally, the empire waist style of dress has a high waited skirt that gathers just under the bust, flowing down into a long, loose fitting skirt. This style of dress is perfect for slimmer brides with a small bust who want to emphasis it, and equally for smaller brides who want to add the illusion of height. This style is also very forgiving around the hips and waist, with the detail and weight higher up and drawing the eye away.

By choosing two flattering styles, you are easily able to find your ideal wedding dress. For each of these skirt styles there are hundreds of combinations, each one unique thanks to the style of neckline it is paired with, the material it’s made out of and the detailing. At Riki Dalal, we have thousands of haute couture wedding dress designs to choose from, so you are bound to find your perfect match in our rails. To book your appointment and have a look at out designs, get in touch with us today